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Some other way to enjoy the fantastic nature

We have in Germany many rivers where you can kajaking, it is an other nice way to enjoy the fantastic nature, many different landscapes, here in the south Germany, to close fron the Elsas (France), or in the Alt Rhein, the Lu river in France, have a lot of beautiful small old village next to the river, having from 2 to 12 hours river tours. Where you can have from an easy class 1 to Wild Water class 5, with many camping places, good prices and nice people. So i decide to buy some Kajaks and Canus, and you know inviting friends and Students we have enjoy our Hollidays.

And never forget what a white water Kajaking is, what a feeling, 

Adrenaline and the rush, it is fast and in some point for me as a beginner stressful but in the same time addictive. Some other extrem Sport in our journey.

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