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Life Philosophy

It took me long to understand it.

The key is to believe in yourself, to let yourself get surprised by your abilities. Learning how to speak in a honest and objective way, using all your abilities no matter what in a positive way. Everything can be done, so learn to be disciplined, and do not listen to the negative talk, be faithful to your priorities and convictions.


There is no limit.

Since I was a child I loved sports and adventure, pitifully I didn`t have any support or orientation in this. The day I came to karate I became independent in my soul and all in my life became a sense. Still difficult because of the lack of support through my family and a youth no very easy, a small sport culture in my country and the small liability as an adolescent in my culture. No one believed that I could make it. Many times I wanted to leave, I took some time off tiered of the negative thoughts of my family and society. I escaped from this society without goal, alone, day by day, in a party without breaks, traveling everywhere irresponsible.

But in the same way learning in the best University... LIFE, PEOPLE, JOBS, PLACES, everywhere and everyone, they were all my teachers.

One day someone that I still remember gratefully had invited me to eat and gave me a wonderful talk and other friend put a book in my hands and said some words to me, that changed my life in the instant moment. He made me remember that this fire and love for Karate Do is still fighting in my heart and he gave me this new strength to not forget about my dream. Today I am the proof that believing constantly in the fulfillment of your dreams and working for it makes them come true. Do not listen to the negative voices on your way. There is no dream that can not realize. Today I almost fulfilled everything that I wanted, there are still a lot of things that I still dream to do. I work, I get prepared, and I know that they are coming.







A World Citizen

I was born in La muy Noble Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros La Antigua Guatemala, proud being Guatemalan. Today, happy being myself in an professional and personal way, I dedicate my time to my Daughter, working in my dream, teaching Karate do in the traditional and sportive way, making films and practicing multi-sports activities. I live in the south of Germany, in between Switzerland, France and Germany with many dreams to go.

Kilometer 40 Cesar Ortiz

ps. sorry for the grammar and spelling... it is not my native language.

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