Cesar Ortiz


What you see, eat, read, and do. is what you are

Hour life is spend between school, work, friends, relationships, and so go on, a good quality life depend of our daily life, how we eat, how we spend our time, and the quality of our work, for me is simple as complicated to understand the importance of have a really healthy diet, make sport, travel and have no life stress, making your daily life relax and calm, easy to say it.... But to get it and do it is not so easy as writing, just take a decision and do it is the way to make it possible, after this you will see how your life start to change in a positive way, if you eat healthy, make sport, sleep well and have a good rest free time, you are going to be more fit, if you are more fit, you are going to be more productive, if you are more productive means you can afford a good quality life, be happy and enjoy the life.

Travel is the best way to have an adventure, discovering all those new smells, sounds, colors, persons, landscapes, food, drinks, cultures out there is full of interesting things, Living every single day like the first one Discovering the fantastic world knowing interesting people Loving and sharing...

Traveling is all ready part of my live, i  dream, i talk, and plan my travels, meeting Asia, and flying there again and over again I felt in love with Thailand,  this fantastic country, the people, the food, landscape, weather, the all atmosphere make this place more then fantastic.

It is to much Fun

When i was a child i had to many problems in the school, i had just to much energy was not possible stay calm, i always was one of the best in sports but did not know how much talent i had until i had my first karate competition, i tuck the karate really serious but at the side i have practice many other sports, always having fun with my friends, i had play basket ball, foot ball, swim, hiking, run, shooting sport, kendo, judo, but when i was in the national team, we had to train more less 6 hours a day, so i did not have time and energy for other activities, now KARATE STILL MY SPORT, but i don´t compete anymore, i have the time and the energy ... now i enjoy all the other sport activities and giving me back many feelings, many memories other fantastic aspect, is now when i am discovering other sports, like the winter sports, biking and for a personal challenge the triathlon, making me in a good way stay focus, meeting new people, stay in the move and the best of everything is giving me health.