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Living in southern Germany in the end of the black forest is a fantastic way to enjoy the nature here, Germany have bike tracks everywhere, they are crossing cities, forest you can cross the all country in a mountain bike, is one of our favorites activities with my daughter and a good way to exchange time together, a good sport.


This is just for does people who love the power of the adrenaline,

Since i stopped competing Karate, i lost one big part of my life.... and it was not just the activity, there are too many things like, traveling with the team, friends in a really meaning of this word, to be not anymore part of one elite, is to accept in one way that you are not young anymore, the need to find other modus vivendi and in one moment your life have changes completely. Life is really interesting for some people, is the way how we decide to live it... i was missing the feeling that gives the adrenalin, a really fantastic feeling for us people who have competed in a high level, this is a big change in your life and it is really difficult to manage, there are too many psychological ways to manage, but no matter what you do, you still missing something, i was searching for some other activities to give me the same feeling in a positive way.

All of us watch the youtube videos, about those people who made amazing things, one day i had a really strong feeling to change something in my life, i had to many problems in one of my companies i did not know what to do in my personal life, i had a crisis.

So i have decided to stop complaining and do something, looking for something that i really like in the youtube videos, i found the downhill track really close to my town, i was there and it was fantastic, this is my second season in downhill and it is AMAZING.

I am not a profi biker and i dont want to be, i dont try to be one, and it is the other side of don`t be an high level athlete anymore, because it is just your personal push.. just enjoy and have a great time, and take advance in a really positive way of this adrenalin dose.

The other nice side of downhill are the landscapes, the wonderful Mountains of the Black Forest, a really beautiful place in the Sud West of Germany, where i am living, i will be posting all my sport activities and doing videos about it... check my youtube channel.

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