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Scuba Diving

A big challenge 

Since long time it was a wish, go deep in the water, and last year i have started the scuba dive school, but was not really fun to do it alone, i quit after the first day, my exwife all ready did it for 20 years, and my daughter was wishing it too, this year we all of 3 made the Open Water License, in Koh Tao Thailand, is the Island in the world with more people diving, in 6 Kilometer 103 Scuba Dive Schools, we fallow a Travel youtuber, Alan x el Mundo, and we saw a dive school in his Koh Tao review, Pura Vida, was a nice sorprice the language Spanish my moder language, in Pura Vida we had a really nice dive experience a fantastic Teacher, Yaiza Sanchez, who made the class a really experience for us, but for special for my daughter Moana, who have discover a new passion.... like the Pura Vida slogan, Pasión Bajo Preción, she did it better than us, all the exercises perfect from the first time. She have really enjoy diving, i had a lot of stress under the water, but finaly i made it too. For Tina is her sport, and now planing to fly back to Koh Tao next year in Juni. 

Now i want to keep going with this activity, i want to get better to share it with my daughter, to have the possibility to see the Sea Life the corals and all this beautiful life under water is a privilege and learn about is something important for me now.

A new sport, hobie now looking for that equipment do we need to keep going with our activity here in Germany. It will be fantastic.

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