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Sport with Adrenaline

It is to much Fun

When i was a child i had to many problems in the school, i had just to much energy was not possible stay calm, i always was one of the best in sports but did not know how much talent i had until i had my first karate competition, i tuck the karate really serious but at the side i have practice many other sports, always having fun with my friends, i had play basket ball, foot ball, swim, hiking, run, shooting sport, kendo, judo, but when i was in the national team, we had to train more less 6 hours a day, so i did not have time and energy for other activities, now KARATE STILL MY SPORT, but i don´t compete anymore, i have the time and the energy ... now i enjoy all the other sport activities and giving me back many feelings, many memories other fantastic aspect, is now when i am discovering other sports, like the winter sports, biking and for a personal challenge the triathlon, making me in a good way stay focus, meeting new people, stay in the move and the best of everything is giving me health.

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