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When i started my Karate School, i had to work my self the advertising, design and marketing .. because here in Germany all those services are really expensive, and the advertising companies do not have time to work with a small company, i have buy 3 computers (PC´s) 1 bad and 2 really bad, tired of buy just trash, i decide to test work with Mac products.

This have made many changes in my life... i have discover a new world, working with the media software what apple has, and i got the chance to start my own film and editing projects and this have reduce all my advertising cost and in the other way i have develop my own website, IN A SIMPLE LANGUAGE ... APPLE HAVE MADE MY LIFE EASIER....

Many people have something against this company.. but i just can say.. it is expensive ... but in the other way.. in this two years i did not have any problem with it.

And now i have many other productive projects with this amazing tools.


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