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TRIATHLON  MEANS, I left my comfort zone

In september 2013 after our summer vacations i got 70 kilos, i was feeling me realy good until i had a pain in my back, well i went to the doctor, and thy made all the medical tests for my surprise i had the cholesterol and the triglycerides in not a good level, and looking how much sport i made is not normal in the same way was my liver, with enough fat, with 40 years i decide to make a change in my life and make of my life something better, i all ready stop smoking, but was not enough for me i wanted something else, i change my diet, stop drink alcohol, and made me a promise a compromise, i want to live longer and healthy.

This is not easy have a regular trainings plan, with the 5 hours karate lessons every single day and the other sports, office work, media projects and and and i tray to fit the swimming, running and biking... training, plus the injuries what i got the last time is getting longer to make my first race, but still working for it... this year i hope do not stop my training again......

I never was a good swimmer.. but really ... i am doing my best.. even if i am hurt.. is getting better and better, i am swimming 1400 meters in 40 minutes.. for a swimmer it is a joke but for me that... is amazing, i am really proud of my self.. but i know... i have to run more and better...

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