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TRIATHLON  MEANS, I left my comfort zone

In september 2013 after our summer vacations i got 70 kilos, i was feeling me realy good until i had a pain in my back, well i went to the doctor, and thy made all the medical tests for my surprise i had the cholesterol and the triglycerides in not a good level, and looking how much sport i made is not normal in the same way was my liver, with enough fat, with 40 years i decide to make a change in my life and make of my life something better, i all ready stop smoking, but was not enough for me i wanted something else, i change my diet, stop drink alcohol, and made me a promise a compromise, i want to live longer and healthy.

This is not easy have a regular trainings plan, with the 5 hours karate lessons every single day and the other sports, office work, media projects and and and i tray to fit the swimming, running and biking... training, plus the injuries what i got the last time is getting longer to make my first race, but still working for it... this year i hope do not stop my training again......

I never was a good swimmer.. but really ... i am doing my best.. even if i am hurt.. is getting better and better, i am swimming 1400 meters in 40 minutes.. for a swimmer it is a joke but for me that... is amazing, i am really proud of my self.. but i know... i have to run more and better...

Some other way to enjoy the fantastic nature

We have in Germany many rivers where you can kajaking, it is an other nice way to enjoy the fantastic nature, many different landscapes, here in the south Germany, to close fron the Elsas (France), or in the Alt Rhein, the Lu river in France, have a lot of beautiful small old village next to the river, having from 2 to 12 hours river tours. Where you can have from an easy class 1 to Wild Water class 5, with many camping places, good prices and nice people. So i decide to buy some Kajaks and Canus, and you know inviting friends and Students we have enjoy our Hollidays.

And never forget what a white water Kajaking is, what a feeling, 

Adrenaline and the rush, it is fast and in some point for me as a beginner stressful but in the same time addictive. Some other extrem Sport in our journey.

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