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Winter Sports

I came to Germany in march 2006, in spring, my ex wife have say, will be wonderful, the weather will be almost the same like in Guatemala, i was really nervous because for us was a really big challenge, we did not have enough money to go back fast to Guatemala if something go wrong. 2006, was a really long winter, long and cold, we came and we had snow... a lot of snow, was cold and gray, full of expectations, fears and dreams, i found my self in a really new world, A COLD WORLD.

My first winter was busy trying to learn the german language, was interesting, between the school and learning at home afternoons i just had could in the street ... i really did not want to go out...

Outside was cold.

Second winter, busy working for my dream to have a karate school to earn money and also have good sport results did not check the winter sports.

Third, fourth, fifth winter almost the same but i all ready had the desire to make something in winter to make it more interesting, before i also did not have enough money to do it .

In my sixth winter i had a really big change in my life, and many things have change, many strong decisions and i had the chance to have a new start in my life.

I knew a new friend, who have me introduce in the snowboard culture. He borrow me his snowboard 2 times, in the second one o broke one peace of it, so i have repair it, but i went to buy me a new one, A BURTON, A ROCKER.

On that winter i have start to snowboard, almost each second day i went to the snow, i have found the fantastic world of playing in the snow, the good feeling of Ride, the speed all those different moves, i have learn more about the gravity and the most important, i start to like winter.

I also knew new people and thats help me to have a better integration to this culture.

That have change total my life style, my quality of life have improved in winter. For me is a very important to stay with a good attitude.

Now the winter sport is an activity and a personal nice experience.

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